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New 10 euro note as from 23 September 2014


A new 10 euro note will be introduced on the market on 23 September 2014. 
The new note should be easier to recognise and more difficult to counterfeit.

ECB describes:
“In addition to the portrait of Europa in the hologram and the watermark, the notes include an emerald number, which changes colour from emerald green to deep blue when tilted. The €5 and €10 banknotes of the Europa series are more durable as they have a protective coating.”

Here you can download ECB’s guide of the new note: 


Updates for the new 10 euro note are now available

If you have a note machine from SCAN COIN, the machine must be updated in order to be able to handle the new note. In this way you will be able to count or sort the new 10 euro note and you will be sure to detect known counterfeits on the market.If you would like to update your machine, please contact your SCAN COIN partner: Contact

Detect the counterfeits

Although the new note is more resistant to counterfeits, it is most important to be prepared for any counterfeits that may occur on the market. Besides not having to handle notes manually, SCAN COIN’s currency counters and currency sorters will detect known counterfeits on the market. Read more about our solutions here.



Vaultex chooses SCAN COIN Systems for online ordering and pre-registration

Vaultex has chosen SCAN COIN Systems’ Connect CASH web portal for cash ordering and pre-registration connected to their existing cash processing system, CCS.

Formed in 2007 as joint venture between Barclays Bank and HSBC, Vaultex is the UK’s leading cash processor. Vaultex makes sure that cash is widely available for use – and that people have confidence in cash as a payment method. Vaultex handles around £160 billion of bank notes and coins a year. This requires an efficient cash processing solution and SCAN COIN is happy that Vaultex has chosen to extend existing installations of CCS, Cash Center System, with SCAN COIN’s online WEB ordering solution. This installation of SCAN COIN Systems’ Connect CASH web portal is an additional step in order to further simplify and increase the control of cash operations at Vaultex.

Mark Trevor, Commercial Director, Vaultex UK Ltd, says: “We are delighted to build upon our existing relationship with SCAN COIN.  Online ordering is a key development in our product offering and we are very confident that the SCAN COIN solution will deliver both in terms of its simplicity and use of technology.”

Magnus Williamson, director of SCAN COIN System, says “SCAN COIN has a strong commitment to make cash processing in our society more efficient and is very pleased that the partnership with Vaultex since 2007 now continues with an online WEB solution for the future.”

SCAN COIN acquires Sotremo

Press release
September 10th, 2011

As part of its new strategy for growth, Swedish SCAN COIN (whose main shareholder is Segulah IV L.P., a Jersey based private equity fund) has acquired the Swiss company Sotremo.

“Sotremo is one of the leading suppliers of coin and note solutions for bank, retail and CIT in Switzerland and has been a vital part of SCAN COIN’s distribution network for many years. We are very happy to incorporate Sotremo into the SCAN COIN group”, says Mr Andreas Renulf, Group Managing Director of SCAN COIN. “This will further strengthen our position, giving us a better competitive edge. This in turn will naturally benefit our customers.”

In addition to a reinforced product range within note and coin handling, existing and future customers can also take advantage of partnering with a company that has a worldwide presence.

“Now we are part of a worldwide network of top class companies which is extremely valuable for exchanging experience and constantly improving our market approach and therefore client satisfaction”, says Mr. Colombo Fasano, Managing Director of Sotremo. “We believe that we can create additional value for our customers and further strengthen our market position” Fasano continues.

Due to the past years strong growth, Sotremo recently moved to new premises in Châtel-St-Denis that are better adapted to current activities as well as future expansion plans. Sotremo’s management will keep a long term ownership interest and remain in their existing positions in the company.

SCAN COIN is one of the leading suppliers of coin and note handling solutions, with a presence in the market since 1966. The most important business segments are banks, retail, public transport and cash centres. The company was founded in Malmö, Sweden, and produces and sells cash handling solutions worldwide. (

About Sotremo: 
Sotremo is since 35 years a Swiss market leader for Cash Handling Solutions. Focused on sales, distribution and after sales service of stand-alone machines as well as complete integrated solutions in all business segments dealing with cash, with special focus on banks, retail, CIT, casinos and public transportation. Sotremo is exclusive representative of worldwide leading suppliers, incl. SCAN COIN, CIMA, G&D, Gunnebo Trier, Laurel, GeWeTe, CountR, Q-Ex, Tellermate and has an installed base of 15000 machines and solutions. (

About Segulah IV:
Segulah is a private equity company focused on buy-outs of medium sized companies in the Nordic countries. The business model is based on majority ownership and an active engagement by industrial advisors from the business. Segulah Advisor AB is the exclusive investment advisor of Segulah II (MSEK 850), Segulah III (MSEK 2.356) and Segulah IV (MSEK 5.200) UK Limited Partnerships. (

SCAN COIN Sotremo logotype