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Financial institutions

Self-service 24/7

With this innovating self-service concept, the bank customers got full flexibility to execute their banking needs anytime - any day of the year.

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“Customers now have the benefit of an automated coin deposit system"

HSBC is marketed as ‘the world’s local bank’. It’s a reputation that has been built on meeting the needs of customers at branch level. Finding a self-service solution for cash depositing has enabled the bank to improve its service to customers through a user friendly interface and relieve counter staff of a time consuming task.

"Our customers really do appreciate being able to make deposits around the clock"

Self-service helps Erste Bank boost consulting-based sales.

One of Austria’s leading retail banks, Erste Bank Sparkasse AG, has con­tinuously expanded its network of CDS (Cash Deposit System) machines over the past 14 years. With CDS solutions at the heart of its self-service strategy, the bank has achieved considerable cost savings on manual cash handling, releasing staff to play a more profitable consulting role.

Erste Bank Sparkasse AG is well on its way to achieving its ambitious long-term goals: to substantially decrease the time staff spend handling cash and consider­ably increase time spent on advising customers­ and selling services. CDS solutions continue to play a key role in the self-service strategy with 3rd Generation CDS 820 units from SCAN COIN now being introduced.

"Our goal was to close down the expensive night safe and give customers real-time 24/7 depositing"

CDS solution paid for itself within two years.

The retail bank SpareBank 1 in Jevnaker, Norway, introduced a CDS (Cash Deposit System) solution from SCAN COIN to replace its night safe and eliminate associated labour-intensive back office routines. The investment was paid off and yielded a positive return in less than two years.

Reduced cash handling costs, less back office work and more staff resources available for advice and sales – these are just some of the benefits experienced by SpareBank 1 after installing the SCAN COIN CDS solution as part of its self-service lobby.